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Remifentanil PCA

Remifentanil PCA

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Patient Controlled Analgesia

Remifentanil is a morphine-like painkiller. Remifentanil has been used in the operating room for long. In the delivery room, during the dilatation phase, Remifentanil has been used more and more in recent years.
Because Remifentanil is not officially registered as a painkiller during delivery, Remifentanil can only be administered with your permission and after hearing and reading the advantages and disadvantages. Remifentanil is widely used in more and more hospitals. Adverse effects are very rare (<1:10.000).
Remifentanil is infused and works quickly. You can safely administer Remifentanil yourself via an infusion pump (PCA) and determine how much pain relief you need (with a safe set maximum dosage). You receive a push button in your hand to operate the pump.

PCA pomp

Infusion of Remifentanil will be stopped during the pushing phase. Remifentanil will then quickly disappear from your blood. This is for you to be alert, to push effectively and to prevent the baby from being born under the influence of the Remifentanil.
In the first hour after starting the Remifentanil pump, one of the caregivers will be with you in the room continuously to monitor you and your baby’s condition closely.


(possible) Disadvantages

Rare events

Breathing depression (‘apnoea’) in the mother and after birth in the child. In this case the administration of Remifentanil will be stopped immediately and counter-medication (Naloxone) will be administered. Remifentanil will disappear from the bloodstream quickly and the breathing frequency will recover.

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